Original music composition and production.

Original music for adverts and films.



Short catchy music writen from scracth to work with T.V and cinema commercials. 



Films composition either as sound design scores or production music.



This is not ochesteral music composition written to a score. If you are looking for that there are plenty composers doing a fantastic job of it.

I make modern produced music, written to the visual product. To work with the video edit and be a unique tight fit. Lyrics can be written to match, genres can be combined to make new styles.

IIt is about good, catchy and relevent music.


I have combined violin and cello with eclectronic synths and daft punk style guitars. (KIA advert)

Somtimes I am recording harmonicas and shakers with acoustuc guitar. (White's Oats) Sometimes I am recording a 1930s full Compton cinema organ (surround sound cinema ident) Catchy whistleling tunes to stick in your head (Autoline) or spanish stlye theme songs for feture films intros (Not2bad)


As a sound designer I can reach further than instruments to create the feeling needed to execute the auditory side of high quality visuals.

And having the full score infront of me allows a sound mix for tv or surround cinema that really pumps and delivers. 





Please email for a price list.








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